What training will I receive ?
Will I wear a uniform ?
Can I resign at any time ?
How much time must I commit to the KCCU ?
Does anything happen during the summer months when school is on holidays ?
How do I get additional information ?
Who is Supervising ?
How Can I assist as a parent ?
How Can I join ?
When do I join ?
Where can I find the KCCU ?
What is the strength of the unit ?

1. What training will I receive ?

Your training begins once you are enrolled. You will be required to attend and successfully complete a Basic Training Qualification (Recruits) course held at the school. This is a 12 week course. During the course, you will be introduced to basic skills relating to dress and deportment, drill, and regulations as they apply to the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (JCCF), and military ethics.

2. Will I wear a uniform ?
Yes. Once a recruit completes his training he will be issued with a suit of Green and Khaki Denim and all other accessories (boots, berets etc.) provided at a subsidized cost. All items must be returned when you leave the Unit.

3. Can I resign at any time ?
Yes. You may request a release at any time.

4. How much time must I commit to the KCCU ?
You are ask to commit approximately 6 hours per week and at least one weekend per term. As you develop your new skills and are promoted, you may be required to dedicate more time to your unit.

5. Does anything happen during the summer months when school is on holidays ?
A vast majority of cadets go to Summer Training Centers across Jamaica. The Cadet Force has an annual camp each summer either at the Battalion Level or the Force level.

6. How do I get additional information ?
If you are a Kingston College student, you can visit the school's main office for information. If you are not a KC student please check with your school's administration or call the JCCF Headquarters.

7. Who is Supervising ?
All cadet activities are organized and supervised by qualified Adults Ranks and /or Commissioned officers.Our supervisory staff sometimes includes Jamaica Defence Force specialized instructors on loan to us, as well as many dynamic and essential teachers and volunteers - parents and friends - who spend countless hours of their time making sure that cadets receive all the support that they require.

8. How Can I Assist as a Parent ?
You can help by supporting the Corps staff in their decisions. Your child has joined an organization that puts the emphasis on discipline and teamwork. Progression through training is based on very clearly defined regulations that are the same across the Cadet Force. All cadets are made aware of the regulations right from the start and must abide by them. Ranks, summer camps and awards are given to the most deserving candidates based on official standards. Most of these standards are taught to the cadets during basic training but you can also learn about them by being present at one of the parents meetings held periodically by the Officer Commanding.

Parents can easily make the difference between a good training year and an extraordinary training year for the cadets and officers. If you are interested, please contact the school's administration or any of the unit officers.

9. How Can I Join ?
All applicants must be between the 11 and 15 years old. Only students of Kingston College can join the Kingston College Cadet Unit, however, you can check with the administration of your own school to find out whether or not there is a unit at your school. you can also contact the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force Headquarters (Up Park Camp).

10. When do I join ?
One recruiting drive is done each year. This is done at the beginning of the school year in september, and the other is done after the unit's annual inspection in February or March of the following year.

11. Where can I find the KCCU ?
The unit holds training days on both of the school's campuses

Melbourne Park 		-	13 Upper Elletson Road
Cloverly Park		-	2 a North street, Kingston

The Headquarters is located on the Cloverly Park Campus.

12. What is the strength of the unit ?

The unit is  100 strong with 4 officers
Capt. Barrington Miller    Officer Commanding
   Lt. Marlon Richards		# 1 Platoon Commander
2/Lt. Peta-Ann Gray	  	# 2 Platoon Commander
2/Lt. Wade Howell		# 3 Platoon Commander
2/Lt. Robert McFarlane  Drums
 Adult Rank
AD/sgt. Graham, Trevor	Drums Platoon
Sgt. Solomon Kwesi